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SkySpira has been established in 2017 to help friends easily build their things using worldedit. Soon after, things have changed.

Today, we are a community of Minecraft players seeking to build the newest using state-of-the-art tools while not forgetting where we came from. We welcome new players the same way we welcome our two year old friends. The community is tightly connected and the staff is there to serve all of the members, not just an oligarchy.


We provide a fully fledged, self-serving Worldedit / Voxelsniper environment to anyone who joins without any registration and application necessary. You can import and export existing schematics as well as start from scratch, and expand when you run out of room. If you actually manage break the server, we have nightly backups. We have written extensive documentation to explain how to use the tools.


Some of our friends have decided to take the prospect of city building a step further and created The Regiony to redefine what it means to be in the city. Complete with roads, buses and trains. Join them to witness the future of city-building servers.

The Interserver

We have united with the administration teams of several neighboring servers to bring our communities the best opportunities around. Like a shared asset server. We will soon start holding events ranging across a diverse variety of servers.

One community. All the servers. This is the Interserver.