A message for our community

Hey everyone.

We regret to inform you about this ongoing issue regarding our server.

We recently wrote a post titled Major downtime incoming, where we described that we are “experiencing some rather substantial problems with our server”, and that we “unfortunately have to close the server to our community and the public while we figure this out”.

These problems we are experiencing with our server were caused by a major screw-up by PayPal and our server host, RamShard. As there was a problem with our payment for the server, caused by PayPal, RamShard took action against us. As Devyy’s email provider filtered RamShard’s emails as spam, he unfortunately didn’t see the emails until it was too late. We noticed we didn’t have access to neither the server or the admin panel, and it came to our attention that RamShard had terminated our account.

This unfortunately means, and we are really sorry to say this, that the server, including all towns and buildings, is gone for good.

We consider this action made by RamShard is extremely unprofessional, and have decided to no longer use them as a host.

The future of the server

As this post is being published, we are in the process of finding a new host for our server, as RamShard is no longer an option, due to the action they took against us without us getting notified.

Now, we rebuild.

In the coming days and weeks, we start “Project Rebuild”. We are going to rebuild the whole server from the ground up. As we are still currently figuring out things, building won’t start for likely another week or so.

We wish for the support from our community in the coming time as we figure this out together. If anyone wishes to contribute, do not hesitate to let us know.


The Staff Team

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