What is Regiony?

Regiony is a world where all players cooperate together, there are countries and politics like in the real world. The Builders are responsable for building the infrastructure connecting the world, highways, railways, airports… the limit is the Sky.

How does it work?

New players may usually choose a region of their competence, but they can contribute to the whole world. The world is almost fully controlled by the players who regularly build on it; our phylosophy is ” Those who contribute the most shall have more control over the decisions of the world”. The intervention of Staff is minimal and only when necessary.

What does the Staff do in the world?

The staff intervenes when norms are not respected, there’s some need for an authority, a situation has escalated too far, world decisions affect the server and most importanly, to make sure no one abuses its Fawe (World-edit) permissions to make a giant dirt island in the middle of the ocean.

Part of the national railway in Centralia


There isn’t a set of rules for the world, but there are some norms to be respected and usually there will be consequences for an action with bad intent.

  • If a Builder decides to close an area to the public, don’t build on that area unless authorized.
  • Do not abuse World-Edit, that includes crashing the server or affecting the surrounding enviroment more than necessary.
  • Do not start a core building (Exempli gratia: International airport, very big amusement parks… ; it’s always best to ask staff first for approval, especially for structures that use Traincart or command-blocks).
  • Don’t do anything that might annoy another player.
Part of the national railway in Centralia

The Builders: the heart of the community

The Builders are the vital part of the core, without them, there is no Regiony. The community is definitely the most important part of the experience: every player, with its different background, will bring something different, and here ideas matter. It could be a restaurant chain, a newspaper, a song contest, a dictatorship or a parlament with elections every month. Builders are given lots of liberties because their job is not only to build the world, but also to construct what’s around it.

Dum spiro, spero

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